T.B. Joshua’s God Can Only inform Him About Cases That Don’t Concern Him, But Refuses to Prompt Him About the Ones Beneath His Own Nose

I see it as mere absurdity when lot of people, especially Africans (since they are the ones I talk to often), fear to objectively debate about issues regarding religion. Almost all the people I come into contact with subjectively deal with religious issues, expecting you to understand what they are driving at, when they themselves don’t know jack about the issues.
There are many things I’ve been taught since infancy that I’ve accepted as true. However, I now see the need to be asking a lot of deep questions regarding those same stuffs to ascertain the mature truth.
One of such teachings is that concerning prophecies. Ever since I was born, I have heard uncountable prophecies from people who refer to themselves as ‘Men of God’. As to which god they belong, I do not know because there are several stones and woods in this universe that can be referred to as gods.
Aside armed robbery, one fastest way to make some cool cash is to establish a church, memorize some unnecessary and unintelligible words called tongues, and finally predict people’s future; you will marvel at the rate at which your cash will flow—all tax free.
If prophecy is all about predicting something and getting in right, then I guess Kwaku Bonsam and his associates can all be called prophets. Maybe they aren’t called prophets, simply because they do not use the Bible.
One self-acclaimed Nigerian prophet who has risen to fame and has a huge following is Temitope Balogun Joshua (T.B. Joshua), head pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). For some years now, he has been bothering our ears with prophecies he claims come from God.
Before this world will come to an end, according to the Bible (Matthew 24:14), “the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations.” However, I won’t be surprised if T.B. Joshua’s Bible read: “And all the prophecies about people will be revealed in the whole world as a deception to all nations, then the end will come”.
Shockingly, it looks like the god of T.B. Joshua (revealer of prophecies), is concerned with meddling in issues of people living far away rather than paying attention to people who matter the most to his prophet.
Few days ago, it was reported that a worship center/building in Nigeria belonging to T.B Joshua had collapsed, with many feared dead. According to reports, the building also serves as a guesthouse for foreign members of the self-styled and attention seeking prophet.
What happened to the god of T.B. Joshua? Did he not foresee this catastrophic event to have warned his child to tell occupants to leave the building before it collapsed? Or did the prophet oversleep (perhaps after taking in some liquor meant for the Holy Communion), thereby forgetting the prophesy that was revealed to him?
Meanwhile, this same man predicted the whereabouts of the missing MH370 flight that disappeared into thin air after it took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. How was that his prime problem? I probably should be using the words of Ghana’s late president – J.E.A. Mills – to advise T.B. Joshua and his god by now to mind their own businesses (Dzi wo fie asem).
What’s the logic in forecasting the whereabouts of something missing in Asia, but overlooking a tragic situation in your own country, under your watch? That’s outright bullshit. There’s even Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and some neighboring countries, there should have been prophecies from him to have warned those affected countries to be careful of the outbreak.
I asked a friend yesterday if T.B. Joshua didn’t foresee the collapse of his building. His reply was: “How can he prophesy about it when god has not revealed anything to him.” Like seriously? I was amazed.
Was his god too busy attending to some issues of concern, thereby forgetting his son (T.B. Joshua) was going to be hit by an adversity, but this same god remembers to draw his attention to issues (like the missing flight) that do not concern him in any way? Na wa oo!
I know some deluded followers are now shouting hallelujah, saying, “He knows what is best?” What is best about this case?
Issues like this, I mean prophets and their prophecies, should be scrutinized with objectivity without attaching any form of dogmatic religious beliefs to them.
As for that god of T.B. Joshua, I have series of questions to throw at him when I see him. My last words to him, will be “dzi wo fie asem”.

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